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Renewable generator proposes regulation to increase limits for green power station construction

Russia should stimulate the development of renewable energy supplies, if it wants to meet its long-term targets, Igor Shakhrai, CEO of Russian Hevel proposed.

In particular, the limit for construction of renewable power stations with capacity below 25MW should increase to 15% of transmission losses in Russian regions, he proposed at the intergovernmental hearings. 

Hevel is a Russian leading renewable energy supplier and equipment producer.
Currently, the limit is set at 5% of annual planned technological losses, so that grid operator could partially replace lost energy with renewable power supplies. 

The proposal could stimulate the development of renewable power suppliers so that Russia would meet its target of 97,4 GW of renewable capacity by 2050, which is expected to account for 12,5% of power generation. Now, Russia has 3 GW of renewable capacity.
However, the association of power distributors and guaranteed generators is opposing the move, as they fear that it could lead to higher transmission costs.     

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