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Russia considers H2 exports to Europe via natural gas pipelines

The Russian government and Gazprom should assess the feasibility of hydrogen exports to Europe as blends with natural gas via pipelines, press-service of Russian president Vladimir Putin reported.  

This was listed as a request following Putin’s consultations with the government on climate issues. Gazprom is Russian major gas producer and holds monopoly rights for natural gas exports.   

Currently, there are practically no hydrogen exports from Russia. According to the Russian concept of hydrogen industry development, approved in August 2021, Russian hydrogen exports should total 200k tonnes in 2024, rise to 2—12 mln tonnes by 2035, and 15—50 mln tonnes by 2050, depending on the dynamics of global hydrogen sector development.  

Earlier, deputy energy minister Pavel Sorokin maintained that Russia should aim to account for 20% of the global hydrogen market by 2030, and export in the range of 7,9—33,4 mln tonnes of hydrogen by 2050. 

The Russian government jointly with the Central Bank should also develop a set of financial instruments to support “green” projects, according to another Putin’s request. The instruments should include tax benefits, subsidies, and state guarantees for companies and investors. 

According to the Russian Industry Ministry, there are currently 41 projects for low carbon (green, blue and turquoise) hydrogen production in Russia, 32 of which should be launched within the next 5 years. 

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